Politist, adj.

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Politist, adj.

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7th art, as it should be, 2 December 2009

Author: adamsoch-1 from United States
I will not bore you with much talk. The film I am talking about is not talking too much either. But what talked there is, is good talk. To some it might be even be boring, tedious, senseless or even useless. But for the brilliant mind, the deep soul, the person who can understand human beings and behavior, this film is a masterpiece. Very simple, if you liked "gone in 60 sec." this film is not for you. just move on to the next mindless, senseless, empty film. There are thousands of them. This gem, this masterpiece, this amazing film, requires some brains and a understanding. BRAVO! is all I can say.

It will stay with me as long as I live. It marked me, it made me be ashamed, it made me become a better person, and if a simple film can do something like this to anyone, in my books, is a great film.

Ia intrati voi pe acolo si votati filmul acesta, ce spuneti? Peeease! Eu i-am dat deja o nota mare. Smile

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